Cash Flow Reporting & Management

cfo idahoAccurate tracking and reporting

Banks lend money based on the ability to repay. When your financial records, including a cash forecast, demonstrate that you are in control of your business the bank is more inclined to support your requests. So the first step in cash flow management and getting more cash is to improve the quality, accuracy and timeliness of your financial statements.  We have the experience and know-how to deliver!

Forecasting and Analysis

Having mastered the tracking and reporting of cash fundamentals, its time to do some analysis.

  • Do you know how much cash to ask for?
  • Is your line of credit at the right level?
  • Have you reviewed your cash forecast to ensure that when you will need cash you’ll have access to it?

Our cash flow projection and analysis services  can help you assess your needs so you can ask for a line that will truly benefit you when it is needed.

Where to get cash

We have close relationships with our area banks where we have built trust through experience and follow through.  But banks aren’t the only source for cash.  Your working capital often holds great potential for providing your cash needs.  We help you analyze your working capital, identify opportunities and drive improvements that can generate cash from within.

Who to contact: Scott Fischer